Global R&D system

CSPC’s R&D is being conducted in China and America at the same time and a global collaborative open research and development system has been established. At present, CSPC has a biological research team led by 13 American high-level medical scientists. Based on the institute for biological studies in China, it research antibody drug development centers in California, Texas and New Jersey. In these American centers, it aims at screening and preliminary study of new targets for antibody drugs, cell line construction and technology development of antibody drugs, fixed-point coupling of antibodies and development of ADC drugs, while in domestic R&D centers it focuses at industrialization amplification, production and bispecific antibody studies.

CSPC DOPHEN Corporation is the first overseas R&D center in the US, located in Sacramento which is the capital of California. The center is near to San Francisco Bay Area, America's biotechnology industry cluster. The center was started to be built in 2011 and began to run formally in 2012 with total investment of more than $ 10 million and it occupies 2300 square meters for lab region.

Conjupro Biotherapeutics,Inc., a subsidiary of CSPC, is located in Princeton, New Jersey. It is a cooperation and exchange platform of commerce, technology and talents between CSPC and American pharmaceuticals industry.Moreover, it is devoted to be a research center for clinical study and drug registration in America. Meanwhile, it is in charge of foreign cooperation service and screening novel projects, seeking for new cooperation chances with research institutes and technology companies throughout the world.

AlaMab, another subsidiary of CSPC, is a newly built biotechnology laboratory in Texas, USA. It mainly conducts the screening and preliminary study of new targets for antibody drugs while the R&D center in New Jersey mainly carry on cell line construction and technology development of antibody drugs.



  1. Liposome targeted
  2. Site-directed
  3. Bispecific antibody technology platform
  4. Monoclonal antibody
  5. CAR-T
  1. Enzyme engineering technology platform
  2. Small molecule screening and discovery platform
  3. Chiral drug technology platform
  4. Sustained and controlled
  5. Novel pharmaceutical excipients technology

1700+ R&D researchers in CSPC

  1. R&D center in New Jersey     USA
  2. R&D center in Texas     USA
  3. R&D center in Princeton     USA
  4. R&D center in California     USA
  1. CHN     R&D of noval medicines
  2. CHN     R&D of generic medicines
  3. CHN     R&D of bispecific monoclonal antibody
  4. CHN     R&D of biological medicines


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