CSPC is listed in Top 10 Asian Pharmaceutical Companiesin Sales Revenue, and its products are sold throughout China and more than 60 countries and regions in the world. In 2018, Institutional Investor, an international authoritative financial magazine, presented the latest annual ranking list in which CSPC was awarded The Most Respected Enterprise in the rating ofCompany Management Team in Asia 2018. In 2017, the total export value reached to USD 600 million and CSPC ranked first among China’s exports of health care products.

At present, CSPC is promoting its internationalization strategy by creative work at ANDA, new medicine application and meeting the international quality standards。

CSPC aims at imitation generic drug of high barrier species generic drug。 Up to now, 16 medicines have been approved by ANDA。

Meanwhile, NDA is accelerated. NBP has completed Phase Ⅱ clinical trials in the USA. NBP, Mitoxantrone hydrochloride liposome injection and the gastric cancer drug "DP303c" are being developed in the USA as orphan-drug designation.

CSPC cooperates with giant international generic medicines enterprises, making full use of their mature medicine regulations and commercial channels to achieve quick sales. In 2017, CSPC signed 3high-end generic medicines agreements on overseas technical authorization and commercial cooperation.

In terms of quality condition, the R&D and production requirements of CSPC are fully conforming to international standards. 25 medicines passed American FDA on-site inspection and it acquired 16 CEP certificates and 33 DMF registration numbers in total.



Nowadays, millions of people still don’t have access to basic medical careas well as the latest medical advances。

Since 1938, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (CSPC) in China,has been engaged in the noble cause of curing hum...



CSPC has a total asset of RMB 41 billion and around 25,000 employees up to now. Listed in Hong Kong(01093.HK)with market value of more than HK$ 100 billion and being one of the Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, CSPC has been the first pharmaceutical share since the past 50 years.

As the Chinese leading pharmaceutical enterprise ,CSPC is ...


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